Failures not covered by warranty

Detail of some failures resulting from bad use or mishandling of shock absorbers

Welding marks in the piston rod

Bent piston rod because of strong impact (frontal or lateral)

Overheated cartridge due to the lack of oil in the cartridge housing during the mounting process.

Mounting damages due to modified suspension

Bump rubber breakage due to overuse, height modification or overloading.

Additional modifications or adaptations on the shock absorbers.

Slack cartridge produced by the lack of tightening torque of the lock nut, damages in the nut’s thread, or in the strut housing.

Marks in the piston rod produced by the use of inappropriate tools.

Seal breakage due to height modification, overloading or poorly adaptation of the shock absorber.

Wear caused by dirt excess, lateral overload, or shocks tightened when the vehicle is in an elevator.

Strut appears shorter than the unit removed. Some CORVEN products includes the POWERCOIL © technology as a performance improvement. This technology is based on an internal bumper to cushion extreme opening movements. This feature makes the appearance different in length but it will be functionally correct.

Damage produced by a higher torque than the appropriate. Tools like an impact wrench to tighten the upper mounting nut on the piston rod causes stud breaking.