The Group

The Iraola Group is composed of these automotive companies: Corven Autoparts, Sadar Shock Absorbers, Corven Shocks&Struts and Corven Motorbikes. Agricultural and  Real Estate businesses complements other corporate

In 2007, we started our operations in Brazil, with a distribution center in Sao Paulo and from January 2012 we opened another warehouse in the state of Santa Catarina. This Brazilian subsidiary currently holds 8% of the Brazilian automotive shock absorbers aftermarket share.


Corven Motorbikes division began operations in 2008 and has increased its industrial plant with two new production lines and assembly of motorcycles at the same time of the new chassis manufacturing facilities expanding substantially its production capacity.



Corven develops a system of efficient solutions designed to meet the needs of those who trust us.




The automotive business needs are tending to agile, competitive and integral solutions.




Corven is an pushful Argentine-owned company with young spirit and with the energy to face new challenges on an ongoing basis as required by today’s global business world.


We are proud of our history because of the hard work and dedication we devoted to the automotive aftermarket business to be a leading company.


We work with the highest quality standards improving day by day our actions in the business. In Corven, permanent innovation is a habit.


We have more than 40 years of experience manufacturing our products with responsibility and solidarity with the community as a whole.


We aim to meet the needs of our customers because we have the human resources, the talent and the technology to achieve it.


We hope to stay for generations.